Driving programs are available for students?

Students will choose from one of the following in-car driving programs:

The Basic Course includes 6 hours of in-car driving & 6 hours of in-car observation, and 30 hours class time.

The Program includes 8 hours of all private lessons (no need to do any observation), and 30 hours class time.

includes 12 hours of all private lessons, and 30 hours class time.

We have other options for:

All Driving Programs earn state certification and meet all high school graduation requirements

We guarantee to cover all phases of driving including expressway and all forms of parking.

What if my student has to miss driving or class sessions?

Driving Students may miss up to 4 sessions, all of which must be made up.

Students can make up missed classes by attending the same class missed the following month.

All arrangements for make-up can be made by contacting our office: 

Student Driver Courses start at $495 for our Basic Course and go up from there, depending on a number of factors.

When you have completed the class, and, as soon as you complete the behind-the-wheel lessons and observation if necessary, we will immediately certify you with the Secretary of State; and will also mail you your certificate, which is used toward high school graduation requirements and your insurance discount.

We do! Driver Education 360 provides free pick up and drop off at home or school for all behind-the-wheel lessons.